This project was awarded a 2013 National Trust for Historic Preservation Honor Award and a 2012 New Mexico Heritage Preservation Award for Architectural Heritage for the "culturally sensitive and inspiring restoration of the St. Augustine Church at Isleta Pueblo." Pete acted as project superintendent on the complete 100-year restoration, from sub-floor to bell towers, of this 1612 mission church, overseeing restoration of all wooden members, earthen construction, reconstruction of the choir loft, installation of new Douglas fir floors, and much more. The year-long restoration finished on time and under budget.
This project was awarded a 2013 New Mexico Heritage Preservation Award for Architectural Heritage "for the superior restoration of Santa Ana de Tamayá church and working closely with Santa Ana Pueblo to achieve a traditional restoration that enhances the pueblo's architectural and cultural patrimony for centuries to come." The 17th century Saint Ann mission church is located at a designated ceremonial site, Santa Ana de Tamayá, which is closed to the public except on some feast days. Pete and his crew performed all wood restoration (including saving the original vigas and corbels); historic window and door restoration; recreation of both bell towers; replicating and replacing railings; and acted as superintendent over adobe building, authentic mud plastering, creation of an earthen floor with radiant heating, and many other earthen construction tasks. The restoration was completed in less than one year and came in on time and within budget.

Structural engineers had suggested demolition of this century-old family home at the Old Village of Tamayá, due to wet and unstable adobes. Preferring to save the authentic structure, which was built by hand by family members, Santa Ana Pueblo contacted Pete to restore it. Restoration started with a careful, selectively destructive investigation, and found that while wall bases were relatively dry, the parapets were very unstable, and previous "fixes" had left them a mish-mash of incompatible materials. Pete and crew rebuilt the parapets, installed an interceptor drainage system, stabilized severely rotted vigas, added a support post, replaced windows and doors, poured new mud floors in two rooms, and finished with authentic mud plasters, inside and out. The engineers returned and gave the home their seal of approval, and it was rededicated to the family.

This badly weathered window at Geronimo Restaurant was restored in 2013, in compliance with City of Santa Fe Historic Design Review Board requirements. 
These badly weathered vigas on a Santa Fe home were in need of skillful rejuvenation. They were filled with specialized materials, stabilized, treated with borates to stop future insect activity, and capped with copper.
In 2009, New Mexico State Monuments hired Crocker Ltd, who partnered with Pete to repair the badly leaking roof over the Painted Kiva (ca. 1300). This was an emergency replacement, because the now-historic mural replicas were in danger from moisture intrusion. The new roof involved many parts -- protection of the murals, a re-designed and rebuilt parapet, new vigas and latillas, a pocket roof for effective drainage, a roofing membrane, mud plaster, and a rebuilt timber kiva ladder and hatch. 
The first project shown here is a home in Berkeley, California.

The second project shown here is the Fort Stanton Administration/Museum Building, completed in 2009 and recipient of a 2010 New Mexico Heritage Preservation Award for Architectural Heritage. Pete contributed to the complete restoration, in strict accordance with State of New Mexico and National Parks Historic Preservation Guidelines, of a American Craftsman-style structure built in 1855 and on the National Historic Register. All interior and exterior finishes and a complete reconstruction of the historic portal were performed by Pete and his crew. 

The last few photos are of a historic widow's walk restoration in Santa Fe.
Working in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Licensed and bonded New Mexico general contractor, GB98 #379204.

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