Structural engineers had suggested demolition of this century-old family home at the Old Village of Tamayá, due to wet and unstable adobes. Preferring to save the authentic structure, which was built by hand by family members, Santa Ana Pueblo contacted Pete to restore it. Restoration started with a careful, selectively destructive investigation, and found that while wall bases were relatively dry, the parapets were very unstable, and previous "fixes" had left them a mish-mash of incompatible materials. Pete and crew rebuilt the parapets, installed an interceptor drainage system, stabilized severely rotted vigas, added a support post, replaced windows and doors, poured new mud floors in two rooms, and finished with authentic mud plasters, inside and out. The engineers returned and gave the home their seal of approval, and it was rededicated to the family.

These badly weathered vigas on a Santa Fe home were in need of skillful rejuvenation. They were filled with specialized materials, stabilized, treated with borates to stop future insect activity, and capped with copper.
The first project shown here is a home in Berkeley, California.

The last few photos are of a historic widow's walk restoration in Santa Fe.
Working in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Licensed and bonded New Mexico general contractor, GB98 #379204.

Pete Kuzov, project manager:
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